Make more money installing concrete floor epoxy systems in Leavenworth Kansas

From installing epoxy garage floors to polishing large concrete floors in an industrial warehouse, getting consistent work in Leavenworth Kansas can be stressful. The decorative concrete installation industry is a competitive one, to say the least. It doesn’t matter if you are a new business starting up or have been around awhile, finding a way to keep an edge over your competition can be a daunting task. With so many avenues of marketing today, you can find yourself spending more time than you want trying to promote your business, get leads and answer questions online. The Concrete Protector launched their industry specific IncredibleONE team in 2020 to offer epoxy flooring contractors an effective marketing tool to better compete in their market, get more work and make more money.

The IncredibleONE Team utilizes custom technology and the latest online techniques, referred to as IncredibleABI, in order to eliminate the contractor’s burden of trying to find and quote projects in their area. When a contractor joins the IncredibleONE Community, they are instantly onboarded in order for the marketing team to figure out what strategy is needed to ensure success for the contractor. The team deploys effective tactics to boost the contractor’s brand and get them found on GoogleYahoo or Bing when someone in their area searches for a flooring system they provide.

Social media plays a major factor in gaining instant traction for the contractor’s business. The team will build your presence on each of the popular social platforms. With thousands of stock residential and commercial project photos, such as rustic concrete woodmetallic marblegrand flagstoneepoxy flake and more, social media users can see what kind of options they have for their concrete floor.

You website is another vital way for potential customers to learn more about your business and the services you offer. Whether you have an existing website or need one created, The Concrete Protector has several experienced webmasters that will either update your existing site or install a pre-optimized one at the custom domain you choose to use. Your site will be frequently updated with fresh content and even comes with an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist to enhance your site to beat out your competition online.

In addition to fielding valid quote requests through social media management and online quote request forms, your IncredibleONE Team works on your business’ behalf answering live chat questions from visitors on your website. With these combined techniques, the team has received 11,000 leads, which turned into well over 8,000 valid quote requests as of September 2021. It is important to note that the IncredibleONE platform is not like Angi and send quotes to several contractors to bid on a job. When we get a quote request in your area, it is sent to you and ONLY YOU!

An extremely effective strategy to get contractors more work is through getting customer reviews once a project is completed. Anytime a customer talks highly of your business on your Google Business page, it raises consumer confidents and could very well be the difference of landing a big-profit project. The IncredibleONE Team assists all of their contractors with requesting and following up on getting satisfied customers to leave that 5-star review. Why not? You earned it by doing a great job, being professional, on time and staying true to the quoted price.

ABI success funnel
The IncredibleCRM is the second part of the IncredibleONE platform. The features included are focused on helping contractors in Leavenworth Kansas be more efficient and spend less time worrying about remembering to pay bills, follow-up on quote requests and many other business-related obligations. The main goal of this Incredible feature is to allow the contractor to give more attention to their customers and be able to spend more time with family!